Why the worst is yet to come with Coronavirus

3 reasons the second wave of COVID-19 will be a Tsunami 

We are in a dangerous moment in the COVID pandemic in the US. November 8-12 doesn’t look too pretty.


I’m not into fear mongering- in fact I created this company on the principle that education and preparedness can alleviate fear and anxiety. Concern should exist, but fear is unnecessary and often counterproductive.


I made a post on a popular forum weeks ago predicting this most recent spike. That post was based on basic data trend analysis. (A skill I honed in corporate America deterring fraud and theft).


3 reasons we’re in trouble:

  • Halloween
  • Daylight Savings
  • Election Lines



Holidays are a leading indicator. Historically, 2 weeks or 10-14 days after a holiday COVID numbers have spiked. The reason is pretty obvious. Halloween is still happening and costume masks just don’t cut it. In addition, many universities have instituted Halloween party bans, and students are reportedly still partying.

Daylight Savings

Every spring statistics show a major spike more than 20% in heart attacks following Daylight Savings. Falling back in the Fall decreases heart attacks; however, Harvard Medical School suggests any change in sleep cycle can change your mood. Considering many experts are saying COVID-19 is a vascular disease. With stress and anxiety at an all-time high with the CDC reporting 40% of Americans reported mental health or substance abuse in June, this is not good combination.


The Presidential Election

Voting times are reportedly ridiculously long, with people waiting up to 8 hours to vote. Voting is a fundamental right to our Democracy, so to combat these dangers the CDC has released some tips to help you vote safely.


In summary, we’re headed to a second shelter-in-place lockdown. Don’t believe me? Italy just started new restrictions and looking at the pandemic’s beginning there seems to be a delayed correlation to Italy. So, take the proper precautions, because the next couple weeks will set records. We’re praying for everyone right now.

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  • Mary

    This is exactly why I voted early. All my students are online now. We opened back for two weeks with 2-3 days in-person a week. That didn’t work so now we’re all online. Just want the kiddos to be safe but remote learning just doesn’t have the same impact.

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