Suddenly the world changed...

We were busy being Risk Managers and Occupational Health & Safety Managers at a large multi-trillion-dollar entertainment company, responsible for the safety of over 500 employees with a daily average of 5000 customers, multiple restaurants, bars, and a sports arena.

Then, suddenly the world changed. COVID-19 interrupted everyone's lives and AMAZON banned respirator masks to the American general public. Several governors tried to combat the N95 shortage to no avail. In our experience, the common 3-ply mask is the bare minimum when dealing with infectious diseases.

“We had to do something.”

So, we got to work, no excuses. Our mission is YOUR SAFETY.

We Believe

“Protecting yourself and your loved ones is a fundamental human right.”


Our certifications & Trainings

OSHA - Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration – 30 Hour General Industry CDC – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) CDC - Foundational Infection Prevention Strategies CITI – Minimal Risk Human Research, Conflicts of Interest BWC – Bloodborne Pathogens, HAZCOM, Fall Prevention Stericyle – Dept. of Transportation – Biohazardous Waste Management and Regulated Medical Waste And many more...